Cerebral Online ADHD Alternatives

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In order to continue navigating their mental health journeys, patients of Cerebral are looking for Cerebral Online ADHD Alternatives.

Cerebral Online ADHD Alternatives

During the pandemic, online access to mental health care exploded. Those who would normally seek talk therapy from a therapist or psychiatrist in an office setting suddenly found that option no longer available to them. To adapt to this change, many mental health providers transitioned to offering telehealth services for their clients to meet their needs remotely and provide talk therapy from the comforts of their own homes. Roughly 20% of Americans struggle with some sort of mental illness, but finding access to mental health solutions isn’t always easy or available in all areas of the United States. Many local therapists find their caseloads to be overloaded and have long waiting lists. With the rise of demand for remote mental health services, applications and subscription platforms such as Cerebral were born. These services operate by contracting out multiple mental health professionals to offer a readily available service for anyone who found themselves in need of talk therapy, mental health diagnosis, or medication for a mental health condition.

What is Cerebral?

Cerebral is an online monthly-fee subscription platform that provides patients with access to a mental health provider and assists in medication management for conditions such as depression, anxiety, or insomnia. Cerebral offers talk therapy and treatment plans for patients who may or may not have medical coverage from their insurance company. You may also need to pay a co-pay. Cerebral uses care counselors and care counseling as part of its Collaborative Care model. Having someone who is specifically there to listen and empathize is one of the benefits of using Cerebral. However, as of earlier this year, Cerebral has announced that its providers and nurse practitioners will halt prescriptions of controlled substances used to treat mental illnesses, such as Adderall or Xanax. With the pandemic on the decline and many areas of the United States returning to life as normal, office therapy settings are becoming more available again where patients can seek medication management from a local psychiatrist as opposed to those provided via telehealth services. According to The Wall Street Journal, as of June 2022, the FTC is investigating Cerebral for deceptive or unfair marketing practices.

Alternatives to Cerebral

The decision to halt prescriptions has left Cerebral’s new and existing patients seeking out alternatives that will allow them to continue to navigate their mental health journey alongside a professional using talk therapy or psychiatry for follow-up care. Here are some of Cerebral’s top competitors:


BetterHelp is a good, all-encompassing online therapy provider. They offer services for a wide range of needs and have a high approval rating from patients that utilize their services. They do not accept insurance or offer medication management services but tend to have lower subscription costs than other alternatives. BetterHelp offers several different modes of communication to assist with therapy needs. Patients have the option of phone calls, video calls, unlimited messages, and live chats, allowing them to choose the mode of communication most comfortable for them to express themselves. All of their therapists are licensed healthcare providers but subscribers do not have the advantage of selecting their therapist. However, if the patients feel that the therapist is not the most ideal fit, BetterHelp makes it relatively easy to switch providers.


Talkspace was one of the first online therapy providers, founded back in 2012. It is a user-friendly and interactive online platform that offers a variety of communication options and services, including medication management. Some of the services provided by Talkspace may be covered by insurance providers. Rather than having a specific therapist assigned, Talkspace matches its patients with three therapists based on their needs, allowing subscribers to choose the best fit from the three options available to them. The subscription includes 24/7 access to a licensed therapist through online messaging and weekly meetings. The platform also offers goal setting and tracking, milestones, and progress reports to help patients stay on track with their therapy goals.


ReGain is an online mental health subscription platform designed specifically with couples in mind. All therapists are licensed and available anytime through unlimited messaging for both partners in the relationship, however, they do not offer medication management services and the therapist is assigned to the subscriber. ReGain allows the patients to meet with the therapists one on one and as a couple. While the platform does not accept insurance for its services, it has a high user satisfaction rating compared to other services that specialize in couples therapy.


Wellnite is the top online mental health provider for those seeking talk therapy and medication management for depression and anxiety. The subscription service is in-network with some PPO plans and offers same-day appointments for individuals, families, couples, and teens. Wellnite comes highly recommended by its current users as it is one of the more affordable options for the services it provides, even for those who are not covered by an insurance plan. Unfortunately, Wellnite prescribers are unable to use controlled substances for medication management. Wellnite’s prescribing practices mean that you can pick up your prescription at a local pharmacy or use medication delivery.


Unlike some of the other options available, Amwell is not a subscription-based platform. Services are offered to insiders in the form of live video sessions that are paid up-front per session. All therapists have either master’s or doctoral degrees with their biographies and credentials listed on the website to allow patients to choose the therapist they feel will be the best fit for their needs. Amwell’s providers offer therapy for a wide range of mental health issues, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and much more. One of the more desirable options provided by Amwell is the flexibility it offers its patients. Depending upon the therapist’s availability, patients can schedule sessions on evenings, weekends, and even some holidays.

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling is an online subscription-based platform that provides quality and accessible care for the LGBTQIA+ community. All therapists available specialize in working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community and are well versed in their common struggles and therapy needs. The subscription offers unlimited messaging coupled with regular meetings via phone call or video. While patients are unable to choose their therapist, use health insurance, or have access to medication management services, the platform does offer reimbursement documents and allows patients to easily switch therapists if they feel that the one they are assigned is not the best match for their needs.

Teladoc Health

Teladoc is one of the oldest telemedicine providers, getting its start in 2002. It offers services to a wide range of patients, even extending internationally. While it is not a subscription service and the sessions are paid for individually, some types of insurance or reimbursement may be accepted or offered. Therapists and Psychiatrists on Teladoc are not employed by Teladoc Health, but rather own independent practices. These licensed providers can provide talk therapy and medication management to their patients, but the site states that those patients who are diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder would benefit more from being treated onsite and will not offer medication for those conditions. Teladoc works with Medicare, contact your insurance company for specific details.


Circles is an online subscription-based platform that offers services strictly focused on group therapy. It is one of the only online group therapy options. The group therapies are provided in live, online support groups led by licensed therapists and certified coaches and cater to a wide variety of struggles such as addictions, grief, depression, and anxiety. The service offers unlimited messaging with care counselors and group members and there are group therapy sessions that center around specific topics that are commonly encountered by members struggling with a particular mental health condition. The services provided by Circles are not covered under insurance plans and it is recommended that group therapy not take the place of individual therapy for mental health struggles. There are no medication management options available in the services offered by Circles.


Monument is an online subscription-based platform that centers its services around those who suffer from alcohol-related mental health disorders and addiction. Services offered may be covered under some insurances and the patients can access a therapist via messaging, phone call, or video session. While only offered in 19 states and Washington D.C., the services for patients residing in those areas are convenient and easy to use, resulting in a high approval rating from its subscribers. Monument does not allow patients to choose their therapist and the services it provides aren’t effective for those who are struggling with a mental health condition where alcohol or substance abuse isn’t the primary cause. However, it does offer medication management for its subscribers.


Online-Therapy.com is an online subscription-based platform that specializes in services for those seeking cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). All therapists on Online-Therapy.com specialize in CBT which is used to treat a wide range of mental health conditions, such as ADHD, and the platform offers additional resources for patients struggling with self-care. Online-Therapy.com does not accept insurance or offer medication management services but offers a promotional rate on the first month’s subscription.

Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling offers a monthly subscription service for patients seeking a therapist aligned with the Christian faith. All licensed mental health providers available through Faithful Counseling have agreed to the same statement of faith. The platform offers phone calls, video calls, and messaging, and allows patients to meet with their therapist whenever they feel it’s needed. Faithful Counseling does not accept insurance or provide medication management services, but it does offer reimbursement documents to allow patients to seek reimbursement independently from their insurance companies. The service has a high satisfaction rate among patients who find strength and guidance through their faith and those who have struggled to find a therapist who understands their religious-based beliefs and mental health needs.

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling is a subscription-based platform that offers services for those ages 13 to 19 who may be struggling with their mental health. Teens and parents have access to unlimited messaging, as well as options for phone or video calls. The platform has a high approval rating, as the service is not only convenient but allows the teens to access mental health care without parental consent. Teen Counseling does not offer medication management services, but it does offer progress reports to allow parents to keep tabs on their teen’s mental health struggles.

7 Cups

7 Cups is an online subscription-based service offering unlimited messaging and live chat options to their patients. 7 Cups has a large network of licensed providers available to their patients, and they offer a range of counseling services for teens, adults, and couples, as well as group therapy options. The services are strictly chat-based, but the platform does allow patients to seek peer support from a volunteer listener, rather than from a licensed mental health professional. While this option allows the patient to seek immediate emotional support, it should not take the place of a licensed mental health professional for more serious needs. However, the platform offers the option for patients to change therapists easily if the assigned therapist isn’t a good fit. The chat-only service doesn’t provide medication management options, but it has a high satisfaction rate and can be a beneficial option for those who are struggling emotionally and would like someone to talk to about their problems in real time.