Why You Should Listen to Audiobooks

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Books are fantastic. But reading isn’t always convenient. Here’s why you should consider listening to audiobooks and enhance your productivity.

Books offer a wealth of knowledge across various subjects, allowing you to learn from experts in each field within just a few hours.

Reading biographies exposes you to valuable lessons from a person’s major mistakes and successes in life.

Exploring fiction books immerses you in captivating worlds where each page turn holds something thrilling.

Self-help books provide valuable advice that can be applied to your own life to solve problems.

However, reading books comes with its limitations.

You can’t read while exercising at the gym, running, or even walking. Books are bulky and heavy, making them less portable, often resulting in you carrying only a few books at a time.

This is where audiobooks come to the rescue.

With Synthy, the #1 Text-to-Speech Reading Application, you can listen to any text effortlessly. Simply import text from various sources like Word documents, Google Docs, emails, messages, or web articles and convert them into speech.

Synthy utilizes cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to scan, translate, and deliver text in a natural human voice.

When listening to audiobooks, you are free from the constraints of reading. You can attend classes, work out at the gym, or even perform tasks while listening to a book.

Thanks to Synthy’s Automatic Speed Ramping feature, you can gradually increase your listening speed without even noticing the difference. This means you can train yourself to listen faster effortlessly.

The average reader reads at about 200 WPM.

Most Synthy users start at around 200 WPM and can reach speeds anywhere from 400 to 600 WPN within 3 to 4 months.

This allows them to consume the same amount of information in half or a third of the time it takes the average reader.

With Synthy, you can also improve comprehension and retention by reading along with the text while listening, as Synthy highlights the text currently being spoken in a blue highlight.

Double the Input, Double the Retention, Half the Time

Unlock the power of Synthy’s text-to-speech software and triple your productivity today.