MCAT Audio Study Material and Prep

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Struggling to find time to study for the MCAT while managing daily life? Discover recommended study materials and learn how to use audio resources to study anytime, anywhere.

MCAT Audio Study Material & Prep

The Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, is a critical exam for aspiring medical students. This seven-hour test is offered fifteen times a year and costs over $300 for initial registration. Retakes and rescheduling incur additional fees. Fortunately, the AAMC offers a Fee Assistance Program for those who qualify. Proper preparation is essential to avoid multiple attempts. Audio study materials provide an effective way to study on-the-go, balancing life and study needs.

Overview of the MCAT Exam

The MCAT, taken online, assesses knowledge in physical and biological sciences, verbal reasoning, and writing skills. In 2015, the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section was added to evaluate understanding of sociocultural, biological, and psychological influences on behavior, emotion, and stress processing.

The MCAT is scored in four sections, with each section’s median score being 125, totaling to an average score of 500. Scores range from 472 to 528. These scores help admission officers gauge your potential success in medical school. Registration is done through the Association of American Medical Colleges, and early registration is recommended to secure preferred test dates and locations.

MCAT Test Preparation

Effective MCAT preparation requires strategic planning and utilizing high-quality study resources. Online options eliminate commuting, offering convenience and flexibility. Renowned resources include:

  • Kaplan MCAT Prep
  • MCAT AudioLearn by Audible
  • MCAT Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Audio study guides, online tutoring, and practice exams are also highly beneficial. Start your prep early to maximize your chances of success.

Study Guide & Prep Course Options

For comprehensive preparation, use high-yield content and study aids covering all critical subjects like organic chemistry, biochemistry, and general chemistry. Ensure your study plan includes:

  • Expert Instruction: Online courses by professionals like Sam Smith, creator of MCAT Go and former host of the MCAT Basics podcast.
  • Structured Learning: Follow organized courses with extensive quizzes and practice questions.
  • Realistic Practice: Take practice tests in simulated environments.

Audio MCAT Prep

Audio courses offer a flexible and efficient way to study. Listen while jogging, cooking, or cleaning to multitask and retain information. Audio learning is particularly helpful for those who struggle with large volumes of text. Many audio courses start free but may require purchases for full access.

Using Synthy for MCAT Prep

Synthy is an app that transforms any text into an audiobook, saving costs on online courses and books. Features include:

  • Text Conversion: Turn MCAT books and other materials into audiobooks.
  • Customizable AI Voices: Enjoy natural-sounding voices with customizable speed, accent, and language.
  • Platform Versatility: Available on iOS, Android, and as a Chrome extension.

With Synthy, every book becomes an audiobook, maximizing study efficiency and flexibility.


Can you read 400 pages in a day?

The average reader can read 400 pages in about 11 hours. Using a TTS app like Synthy allows you to adjust the reading speed for more efficient study.

How can I read faster without losing comprehension?

Chunking words together and focusing on key phrases helps maintain comprehension while increasing reading speed.

Prepare effectively for your MCAT with these strategies and tools, ensuring you maximize your study time and achieve the best possible score.